Salomon's Metalen sustainable!

From lawn to landscape garden

Salomon's Metalen is an inspiring example of a consistent striving to do sustainable business at a sustainable business park. And we are proud of it!


The lawn around our company has changed dramatically in recent weeks. It still seems a bit bare, the grass has been removed and a shallow ditch has been dug. But this isn't just any ditch, it's a so-called wadi. Wadis are an excellent means of improving the urban water system. In a wadi system, water from roofs and roads does not flow into the sewerage system, but through above-ground gutters and/or ditches into the wadi. In addition, the grass has been replaced by more flowery planting.

Insect hotel

The insect hotel in the middle of the garden is a real eye-catcher but also very important for the reproduction and hibernation of many wild bees. Bees and other insects love warm, dry cavities. They lay their eggs in small holes in wood, reed or clay. By sowing in the garden with a naturally flowery grass seed mixture, it also contributes to biodiversity. This creates an attractive environment for numerous plants and insects.

Solar panels

We produce solar energy! There are no less than 836 solar panels on the roof of the building. This installation currently generates enough green electricity for 116 households.

Salomon's Metalen shown on RTL Z

Recently Salomon's Metalen was shown on RTL Z. Watch the video. We'd like to take you into our story of our sustainability.

The red book

We have laid down this knowledge in detail in our Stock Manual, the famous Salomon’s Metalen 'Red Book'. This Stock Book is regularly updated and is available free of charge in book format and on our website.

Download the red book here

Het rode boekje

As a Groningen family business, we have been working in metal wholesale for more than a century now, trading as Salomon’s Metalen for the last 45 years. We supply the widest range of metals, which we can process in our well-equipped machine shop.

ISO certified

We use the ISO 9001 quality control system to enable us to guarantee the quality of our products and our service to you.