Salomon's Metalen

Specialist in metals

Salomon’s Metalen is service-orientated and has a no-nonsense culture. By supplying guaranteed quality, we have built up a faithful customer-base in the Netherlands and abroad.


Salomon’s Metalen delivers quality. When we purchase, we do not just go for the lowest price. Instead we select suppliers who deliver high quality. We pass this quality on to our customers, after the necessary processing for high quality custom work. We use the ISO 9001 quality control system to enable us to guarantee the quality of our products and our service to you.

Modern technics

Salomon’s Metalen distinguishes itself in the market by its custom work. We can supply metals to your specification and we have a versatile machine shop so we can carry out various processes. In principle, this service applies to all metals, but in some cases there may be limitations to the possible processes available.

Expert advice

We provide customers with expert advice via our Stock Manual, but also by personal contact. Thanks to our internal training programme, our sales people have a detailed knowledge of our products and services. You can contact them at any time to ask questions about metals, their availability and the options for custom work. All of our employees are service-focused and we always fulfil their arrangements with you, because Salomon’s Metalen stands for quality and reliability.

Company film of Salomon's Metalen

The red book

We have laid down this knowledge in detail in our Stock Manual, the famous Salomon’s Metalen 'Red Book'. This Stock Book is regularly updated and is available free of charge in book format and on our website.

Download the red book here

Het rode boekje

As a Groningen family business, we have been working in metal wholesale for more than a century now, trading as Salomon’s Metalen for the last 45 years. We supply the widest range of metals, which we can process in our well-equipped machine shop.