Foil - Aluminium to CuSn6

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Material: Cobalt Foil - Aluminium to CuSn6

In-house waterjet & laserjet cutting

thickness in mm
thickness in mm
0,001 x x x x
0,0015 x
0,002 x x x x
0,0025 x x x
0,003 x x x
0,004 x x
0,005 x x x x x x
0,006 x x x
0,007 x x
0,008 x x x
0,009 x x x
0,010 x x x x x x
0,0125 x x x
0,015 x x x x x
0,020 x x x x x
0,025 x x x x x x x
0,030 x x
0,040 x x
0,050 x x x x x x x
0,060 x
0,070 x
0,075 x x x x
0,080 x x
0,090 x
0,100 x x x x x x
0,125 x x x x x x
0,150 x x x
0,200 x x x
0,250 x x x x x x
0,300 x x x
0,400 x x x
0,500 x x x x x x x
0,600 x x x
0,700 x x x x
0,750 x x
0,800 x x x
0,900 x
1,000 x x x x x x x
1,200 x x
1,500 x x x
2,000 x x x x x x

We deliver Cobalt cut to size

Foil - Aluminium to CuSn6

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